About Berwich

A passion born in a small garage in 1975 thanks to two young people, Michele and Anna Fumarola, today still the owners of the company I.co.man 2000 Srl.

In spite of the off-sourcing general trends of the fashion field, ICOMAN focuses all its business processes in-house, managing the complete productive process. The company boasts important partnerships with luxury international brands and is part of the Martina Franca fashion district. From father to son all techniques and tailoring traditions have been preserved and enriched.

In 2007, the company created its own brand of Berwich trousers, a project inspired by the exploration of the world. Leaving, Travelling, Discovering is the claim that guides new and ambitious projects. Berwich is pure Made in Italy, a collection of trousers based on the charme of exploring the world and the cultures. Style is internally cared. It arises from creativity sparks that aim at giving recognition to the fits, thanks to the employment of excellence fabrics.

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    Founded in 2008 by Pierre Schmidt, Parma Distribution is a B2B Belgian lifestyle wear agency located in Antwerp, the capital of fashion in Belgium.


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