About Lardini

In 1978, Luigi Lardini was 18 years old and had one dream, a dream that was deeply inspired by the Italian tradition of tailoring. In pursuing this dream of elegance, it gained innovation over time, as well as the help of his family.

First and foremost, Lardini is an expression of identity.

It’s history – supremely unique tailoring know-how, shared and improved every day during the creation of outerwear garments. It’s classic craftsmanship knowledge from Filottrano, the enchanting town outside of Ancona where the headquarters is located.

It’s personality – a family’s character, its desire to excel and its calling to produce top quality.

It’s courage – the courage to improve and innovate every day, from style to technology, to stay one step ahead.

This is the identity in a Lardini garment that the entire world knows and wears.

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    Founded in 2008 by Pierre Schmidt, Parma Distribution is a B2B Belgian lifestyle wear agency located in Antwerp, the capital of fashion in Belgium.


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