About Piacenza Cashmere

Fratelli Piacenza, a fourteen generations-old-family-run company, which began producing wool in 1733, is a leading maker of high quality clothes made from fine fabrics such as cashmere, wool, alpaca and many more.

The thistle flower, symbol of Fratelli Piacenza*, reflects the essence of the brand: its delicate, resistant beauty reminds us that sensitivity and determination are powerful allies of quality.

The right balance between innovation and tradition, harmony with the environment and recognition of the value of human beings has made the Fratelli Piacenza wool mills an example of excellence of Made in Italy at international level.
From top-quality fleeces to fabrics destined to be applied in haute couture or transformed into an article of clothing to wear, every single phase of the transformation is carried out with the greatest sensitivity.

*Fratelli Piacenza uses dried thistle flowers in specific finishing treatments to give its wool a soft hand finishing look.

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