• Santoni Men SS23
  • Fedeli Men/Women AW23
  • Berwich Men AW23
  • Manto Men AW23
  • Paul&Shark Men AW22
  • Moorer
    MooRER Women SS21
  • Lardini
    Lardini Men SS21

Our Story

Parma Distribution is a leading lifestyle wear agency that operates across the Benelux, the United Kingdom and Ireland, within the wholesale and retail premium and luxury sector, covering menswear, womenswear, footwear and accessories.

From leading independent boutiques, to iconic department stores, through to cutting edge ecommerce business, we serve more than 400 active clients across a combined markets of 100M consumers.

Our journey started in 2005 in Brussels, and it was powered by relationships, a philosophy embraced and channelled by our highly respected founder Pierre Schmidt, and one that still exists to this day.

Combining a wealth of industry experience and forward-thinking, modern-day attitude, today Parma Distribution continues to evolve and push boundaries, holding service and trust closely to our ‘change for the better’ mantra “Kaizen”.

“Kaizen” is the Japanese word for “good change” (Kai = change, Zen = good). Kaizen is a competitive strategy in which all employees work together to create a strong culture of constant improvement.