Santoni started operations in 1975 in Corridonia, in the heart of the shoemaking district of
the Marche region of Italy. Founder Andrea Santoni worked hard in order to industrialize the
artisanal process while maintaining intact quality of design, research of the finest materials,
superior manufacturing.

What was originally a high-end footwear atelier turned in the years into one of the leading
players in the global luxury goods market. At the head of the company today is Giuseppe
Santoni, who marries his father’s passion for the craft with the vision of a global, innovative and
multifaceted brand.

Authenticity is the founding value of Santoni, a brand that innovates by being faithful to tradition.
By keeping intact the know-how of the origins, transmitted from one generation of craftsmen to
the other, and exploring the ability to create unique made-to-measure pieces, Santoni releases
refined products for a demanding and sophisticated clientele.

From: Italy

Since: 1975