Barba Napoli

Back in 1965 Antonio Barba decided to open a small design studio in a Naples suburb. His choice came from his big love for the emblem of a classy man: the shirt.

The brand of Barba Napoli became known across Italy. The secret of its success is due to craftsmanship, the accuracy and the refinement of fabrics. Over the years, they have developed an international brand, representing a real lifestyle producing jackets, coats, trousers, knitwear and a wide selection of Barba Napoli designer accessories. They are the expression of the authentic Made in Italy, a fusion of style and manufacturing. This same principle inspired the creation of the woman collection.

The Barba Napoli garments are in the most prestigious boutiques of the world. The brand interprets the needs of contemporary dressing by innovative and actual man/ woman collections, evoking classic elegance with high-quality products and the contemporaneousness of fabrics. Appealing to new generations, while staying true to the philosophy with which it was founded: to preserve craftsmanship and Neapolitan taste with timeless appeal.

From: Italy

Since: 1965